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Important Message Regarding Non-Disclosure Agreements from Angela

Hi All,

I am writing this letter to all of the local actors that audition and are cast through Boston Casting.  You MUST understand that all the materials and information about these movies are CONFIDENTIAL. Your audition, principal , extra work , the set, the location, the script, the costumes, hair and makeup and ANYTHING regarding these films is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be shared via social media or otherwise. Actors can and will be fired off set for taking pictures or putting information on social media.

Phones may be used in holding for personal purposes only.  If, while on set, your phone comes out for any purpose, this can be grounds for immediate removal. If possible, we suggest that cell phones be left in your car.

Pictures cannot be taken at ANY time.  If a photo is taken in holding or on set this is also grounds for immediate removal.

This behavior reflects poorly on Boston Casting and it shows me certain people are not professional. Most of the movies have you sign a nondisclosure agreement, which means you cannot talk to the press, blog, facebook, or tweet about your experience or take any photos on set. PLEASE TAKE SIGNING A NON DISCLOSURE SERIOUSLY.

Boston Casting will not continue to work with people who are unprofessional and do not abide by the rules.

Moving forward I need your commitment on this issue.

Thanks you,

Angela Peri, CSA


Important Information Regarding Weather

All weather related cancellations can be found on the Media Performance Institute’s website:



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Boston Casting

Boston Casting is New England’s largest casting company with 6 casting directors, 3,000 square feet of space including 2 studios, and 30,000 actors on file. Founded by Angela Peri, C.S.A., Boston Casting specializes in casting principal roles as well as extras for feature films, commercials, industrials and reality television shows.  Recent film projects include THE FIGHTER with Mark Wahlberg, KNIGHT AND DAY, EDGE OF DARKNESS with Mel Gibson, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU with Mark Ruffalo, THE PROPOSAL with Sandra Bullock, PAUL BLART:  MALL COP with Kevin James and PINK PANTHER 2 with Steve Martin.



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