Boston Casting Code of Conduct & Behavior

Boston Casting is committed to providing our productions with Talent who exercise the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. When Talent are booked on a production, they are being hired for work and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

These guidelines on unacceptable conduct help to protect the rights and safety of productions and employees. These rules are included here as guidelines to Boston Casting’s expectations of Talent. Productions may also have their own standards of conduct and behavior that are in addition to Boston Casting’s standards. The following are examples, and not a complete list, of what is considered to be unacceptable conduct and behavior at Boston Casting.

All Talent are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment at all times. Failure to abide by the expectations set forth in these guidelines and in all Boston Casting policies may result in appropriate discipline. Disciplinary action up to and including suspension and termination can result for any misconduct or violation of company policy and/or procedure. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Showing up unannounced. All visitors are by appointment only. Showing up to the Boston Casting office without an appointment and insisting upon being seen is disruptive to our Casting Professionals. Continuously doing so will be viewed as harassment and necessary action will be taken.

2. Negligence causing harm or intentionally causing harm to Boston Casting, production, and/or the employees of Boston Casting, Talent, or third parties.

3. Harassing, disrespectful or discriminating activities including verbal, visual, physical or sexual activities. This includes, for example, jokes that are sexual in nature, purposefully using the wrong pronouns for someone, or jokes based on (but not limited to) a person’s age, race, color, religion, disability, medical condition, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

4. Retaliating against anyone who reports or provides information in good faith about harassment or discrimination.

5. Falsification of employment records, employment information, or any legally required document.

6. The use of threatening or profane language, including hand gestures, and bullying behavior toward employees of Boston Casting, Talent, or employees of production.

7. Violating Confidentiality Policy. By way of examples, taking any photos or video on your cell phone while on the premises of a production and posting details about the production on social media are violations of the Confidentiality Policy. Some productions may require that you ‘check-in’ your cell phone to the production staff who will provide you a ticket with a corresponding ticket placed in a plastic bag with your phone. The bag containing the cell phone will be held by production. You will be allowed to use your phone for emergency purposes or as permitted by production.

8. Participating in criminal conduct during work time, while on Boston Casting’s premises or while on the premises of a production or show you are booked to work.

9. Accepting a booking or job and then failing to report to it.

10. Excessive tardiness.

11. Failure to notify Boston Casting in advance when unable to report to your scheduled call. Advance means before the assigned call time with reasonably enough time for Boston Casting to hire, or book, a replacement.

12. Provoking, threatening, or planning a fight or fighting while on the premises of a production you are booked or hired to work or while on Boston Casting’s premises.

13. Engaging a principal actor(s) while on the premises of a production on which you are working without authorization or asking them for pictures or their autograph including taking pictures without permission. You may interact with the principal actor(s) if they approach you or if you are directed to do so by production.

14. Insubordination, including but not limited to, failure or refusal to obey the reasonable work-related orders or instructions of a supervisor or member of management.

15. Poor work performance.

16. Engaging in inappropriate contact anywhere on production or Boston Casting premises whether during work hours or not.

17. Reporting to work, or working, under the influence of (or in possession of) alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs while on Boston Casting’s premises or while on the premises of a production or show you are booked to work or during work time.

18. Carrying firearms or any other weapon(s) while on Boston Casting premises or the premises of a production or show you are booked to work. When a prop weapon is issued or assigned to you, you must follow production’s direction on how to appropriately handle the assigned prop and not use it in an unauthorized or threatening manner.

19. Distribution of materials and/or contact information to any individuals for the purposes of self-promotion or personal gain.

20. Theft, deliberate or careless damage, or destruction of any property of Boston Casting, another Talent or production, or any third party.

21. Unauthorized use of either Boston Casting’s or production’s equipment, time, materials, or facilities.

22. Removing or borrowing property belonging to Boston Casting, another Talent, production, or any third party without prior authorization.

23. Violation of any safety, health, security, or Boston Casting policy, rule, or procedure.