Boston Casting is not an agent—we are casting directors. We do not represent talent. As casting directors, we work directly for our clients to find the best talent for the job. We will search through our database for candidates as well as contact agents. Talent agents are the ones who will submit talent for auditions and earn commission from your work.

If you would like to be considered for an audition you must first be on-file with Boston Casting. Please fill out an online application with all of your information to be considered for future auditions. In order to do this, CLICK HERE and then click CREATE A PROFILE. We do not hold interviews. Once you fill out the application, you will automatically be added to our files and will will send you notices for auditions that we feel you are appropriate for. We no longer accept impromptu copies of headshots and resumes over email or in-person. There is no charge to be in our files. We are not an agent, and do not represent the talent.

Click HERE and sign up so we can have all of the information we need. Please do not call our office for extras work. We will either contact you or post information on our website for extras castings.

Boston Casting is not involved with payroll or any tax documents, so that is information we do not have access to. All inquiries about payment should be sent directly to the production’s payroll department.  The production may also be running through Run A Better Set ( so be sure to check for more information there as well.  If the production is not using RABs or any other digital system, they may be using paper vouchers that actors are given a copy of and should keep for their records.

You can create a talent profile with our online database, AgencyPro, and input your vehicle details in there. The basic account is free and you can upload two photos and create a resumé for yourself.  Be sure to add your vehicle as a part of your profile.  Once you’re in the system, your vehicle will be eligible for audition opportunities and background work that it may be right for.

Once you submit an online application you are considered to be “on-file” with us. However, once you submit your application your job is not done. It is up to you to keep your information updated with your latest projects, training, contact information, and photos. You should also consider taking acting classes with Boston Casting’s School of Screen Acting to keep your skills as fresh as possible. The files we keep are for our casting purposes. You should always bring a hard copy of your headshot and resumé with you to each audition that we can leave with our client.

Selecting an agent is a personal choice. They are the people who will represent you and fight to get you auditions and work. We work with numerous agents in the city and beyond. Do your research and when you’re ready with your headshot and resumé, contact the different agencies in the city to see what their policies are for meeting new talent.

If you are on file with Boston Casting, we will send you notices about upcoming projects and auditions. Please check our website frequently since from time to time there will be open calls for feature films, television shows, or commercials.

Please do not call or email the office to see what’s new or available.

A headshot is an 8×10 color photo with a matte finish. There are numerous photographers in the area that can take an appropriate headshot for you. If you are looking for a place to get your headshots done, Boston Casting also offers headshot clinics through the School of Screen Acting.

Your resumé should be attached to the back of your headshot. It should be trimmed down to fit the size of your headshot and list all of your acting experience, training, and contact information. This is not a business resumé. If you are new to the industry, do not be concerned about the short list of experience—instead focus on your special talents and skills such as roller skating, speaking Spanish, acrobatics, etc.

In order for your child to be eligible for film or television projects (including background work), create a talent profile for your child in our online database, AgencyPro.  We have many opportunities for children of all ages.  We work closely with all departments to follow all labor laws put in place by the state of Massachusetts to ensure your child’s safety on set.

Boston Casting offers the opportunity to assist in casting commercials, films, print ads, and industrials. You will work closely with the casting director organizing audition sessions, scheduling, filing, and performing other clerical duties. We are often looking for self-motivated and organized individuals interested in the media, production, advertising, or public relations fields.

This is an unpaid position that requires course credit. Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to Mikayla Cramer (

AgencyPro is a software company. We at Boston Casting use their software to manage our talent database and to make our business run smoothly.

Boston Casting maintains our talent files online. It is the easiest way to keep our files up to date as well as submit talent to our clients for potential jobs. There are two parts to the AgencyPro software. The first part is our in-house database. Everyone who submits their information to Boston Casting via AgencyPro is then stored in our in-house database. Each actor can receive their own free (non-active) online profile, consisting of two headshots and personalized resume. These can be easily updated by each actor from their own home without the hassle of having to mail or phone in updated information which can easily be lost or transcribed improperly.

This database is what we will be utilizing to contact talent and their agents to schedule auditions and such, so it is important to make sure your information stays current. Your information in this in-house electronic database will only be accessible to you and our staff.

The second part of the AgencyPro database is the option to go “Active”. This gives actors the choice to make their online headshot and resume accessible to our clients directly. If clients wish to screen talent themselves or cast directly from the database they can do so only with talent that choose to become “Active”.

is the online portion of the database consisting of the talent’s headshot and resume, which our clients can access. Clients would utilize this if they wanted to pre-select talent for their auditions or cast talent directly from their headshot. Talent with activated files have their own professional website that they can personally use to market themselves. In addition, those who activate can have up to 20 pictures, VO demos, and video clips on their personalized website.

No one is required to go active in order to be on file with us. Being active is a personal decision to invest in the marketing opportunities the software offers. Active or not, you are still in our electronic in-house database where Boston Casting staff can access your information and submit you for in-house auditions.

Again, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your information in the database is current and updated regularly.

Being Active on AgencyPro can open you up to more opportunities if the client chooses to view people’s personal websites rather than have us schedule an audition.

However, if you choose not to go Active, we will still submit you for in-house auditions as we have done in the past.

If you are new to Boston Casting, please complete an application and submit it online. You will automatically be entered into our casting database and considered for potential castings.  Go to “Actors/Extras” and click “Create a Profile” to get started.

Yes. You should always bring a headshot and resumé to every audition. Better yet, bring two as sometimes our client requests an extra one to be sent to their client.

Being on AgencyPro will not affect the relationship any talent has with Boston Casting or with their agent. That will all remain the same.

AgencyPro is offering a discount to people who work with multiple clients that use their software. Basically, if your agent uses AgencyPro software and you have gone active with your agent and now you choose to go active with Boston Casting, AgencyPro offers a discount for activating your second account utilizing their software. This is a discount AgencyPro, the software provider, offers. It is not any type of agreement or association between the companies who use their software.

YES! We love pets and absolutely cast them in television, film and commercial projects. If you have a pet who was born to be a star, please make an account in our online database, AgencyPro.  Create a profile for yourself and be sure to click “Workable Dog” or “Other Workable Animal” and have your photo showcase you and your furry/scaly/feathery friend.

Please feel free to contact AgencyPro directly for any questions regarding technical support at or 800-985-9147 x2.


Green Line

Take the 66 Bus to Union Square in Allston/Brighton. Once off the bus, continue walking on the same side of the street and in the same direction that the bus was traveling. Walk approx. 2 blocks to Everett Street. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the opposite side of the street. Turn right on Everett Street and walk down the hill for two blocks to Braintree Street. 129 Braintree Street is the red brick building right at the corner of Everett and Braintree Street.


Bus from Harvard Square

Take the 66 Bus to Union Square in Allston/Brighton. Once off the bus, continue walking on the same side of the street and in the same direction that the bus was traveling. Walk approx. 2 blocks to Everett Street. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the opposite side of the street. Turn right on Everett Street and walk down the hill for two blocks to Braintree Street. 129 Braintree Street is the red brick building right at the corner of Everett and Braintree Street.

There is plenty of free parking.

All students should park in the 119 Braintree Street parking lot at the opposite end of the building from our office or across the street in the Everett Street lot during scheduled class hours only. Parking is also available along Braintree and Everett Streets. If you are arriving for a class after 4:30 p.m. please always park in the lot next to 119 Braintree Street. Parking is for business hours only. Please note that cars will be towed after 11pm.