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AgencyPro Hacks

TIPS 'N TRICKS: AgencyPro Hacks

Did you know that you can get audition opportunities and background/extra work right here, right now? If you join our online database, AgencyPro, you’ll be notified of audition opportunities and work you are eligible for. Setup is quick and easy, and with a non-active account (free) you get to upload two photos and make a resumé for yourself. Whether you have an active profile or a non-active profile, you will be considered for auditions and extra work.

HACK #1: Update your photos as often as possible and make sure they are clear!

We can tell the last time you changed your picture—we want to make sure all images are recent, so upload new photos every now and then. Make sure your photos are in good lighting and show your face. We want to be able to see your lovely features so we know where we can cast you.

HACK #2: Log in frequently.

This is part of your job as an actor or extra. Your activity shows up on your profile, and if we come across your account we will want to see that your last log in wasn’t a year ago. We will notice your diligence!

HACK #3: Put something on your resumé.

Whether it’s extra work, you’ve been on set, or you have relevant experience, putting something on your resumé shows us that you are ready to go and prepared.

Keep an eye out for more Tips ‘n Tricks from all of us at Boston Casting!

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